This series is all about mobile video creation and editing. The algorithms of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram are greedy for video content. Here are the video apps you need to know to regularly feed the beasts with some tasty videos.

Todays App of the Day: Toon Camera.

The app is easy to use and provides several comic and cartoon looks from black and white scribble style to colourful graphic novel style. You can also choose different brushes and stroke strengths. Wanna have a look? I recently featured the app on my facebook page.

You can also use this video app for serious storytelling. Here’s a good example how a comic look can create a unique and appropriate look for certain topics, e.g. if you can’t show a specific person. AJ+ did a great job with their series about mental health issues.

There are dozens of cool video apps that enable you to create high quality video content for social media. Combine these apps and make sure to know the essentials of visual storytelling to create unique video experiences for your users.