This series is all about mobile video creation and editing. The algorithms of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram are greedy for video content. Here are the video apps you need to know to regularly feed the beasts with some tasty videos.

Todays App of the Day: Quik.

What I like most about this app is the possibility to quickly add animated titles to your video. This makes it very useful especially for creating title driven video stories for Facebook. The biggest disadvantage: the app does completely lack audio editing. If you want to cut a video with soundbites and stand ups you are better off with apps like iMovie, Kinemaster (iOS / Android) or Splice.
It’s obvious that the GoPro developers wanted to create a tool that quickly combines strong visual footage with music and animated text.

This app solves a common problem of many social media editors. Most of them do not have the time to shoot and edit a video properly. The Quik app by GoPro (iOS & Android) is a handy auto editing program that creates powerful and dynamic social media videos from your footage.