How to shoot an interview with a 360° camera – Insta360 One X overcapture for podcasts and interviews


Shooting an interview with one camera has one big disadvantage. You need to different camera angles. One for the interviewee and one for the interviewer. That’s hard to do with a standard video gear with only one camera. With high res 360° cameras such as the Insta 360 One X you can solve that problem easily. The 5.7K video footage lets you choose the camera perspective after you shot your interview. This offers you a variety of possibilities in the editing process. And flexibility plattformwise. You can quickly format the video in 9:16, 1:1 and 16:9 landscape.

My video shows an example how I use the Insta 360 One X to film my podcast interviews. If you prefer to listen to podcasts then here’s the link to the MatCast – digital life hacks for video creators. It’s basically about tools for visual storytelling.




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