Filmmaking schools and camera trainings should be for everyone

Filmmaking is a wonderful art. But for a long time Movie Making has been a craft only for elites who could afford buying a pricy camera and editing software. Fortunately these days are over.

Nowadays everyone with a smartphone has the possibility to try out filmmaking and editing. Smartphones are becoming more and more affordable for a large number of people around the globe, especially in Africa and South East Asia. No matter if you are from the U.S., Europe, South Africa or India. Use this powerful device and make movies.

To be honest: Not everyone has the potential to be a great filmmaker. There are a lot of of over equipped guys out there who own a very expensive camera but have no clue how to do a good movie. It is not about the gear, it is all about the story you tell.

A lot of young people all over the world have the dream to get into the filmmaking industry as you can see on google trends. Filmmaking is a wonderful way to share stories in a compelling and touching way. Documentaries show us stories of real people with real struggles and puts the spot on the most challenging developments of our time. Feature filmmaking does not only create dreams but can also be a mirror of the world we live in.

But it is hard to be chosen one to enter a film school. And you need experience before you apply. So get experienced – use your mobile device, your smartphone, and try it out. The film school for mobile filmmaking helps you with that. Just subscribe to my Youtube-Channel to find tutorials on filmmaking with your android or iPhone. Making movies and becoming a filmmaker has never been easier. You can start right now.

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