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In the past only media companies and bigger corporations could afford to produce video content on a regular basis. Today there is an option for everyone: with mobile phones video and filmmaking has become easier than ever. And the demand is rising continuously as Googles and Facebooks algorithms rate video content higher than anything else.

As an award winning videojournalist and documentary filmmaker Matthias Sdun shows you how to create movies in a mobile environment. Learn how to shoot & edit videos with your smartphone. Follow on Youtube and Twitter to keep up with the latest trends in mobile video for social media, apps for smartphone filmmaking and the latest trends in Virtual Reality (VR).

Workshops: Mobile Video for Social Media provides trainings and workshops for anybody who wants to get deeper into video and filmmaking. Matthias Sdun has been training journalists from Web, TV, radio and print as well as marketing managers, brand strategists  and NGO campaigners. Learn how to produce great video content with all kinds of gear – from mobile devices to broadcast equipment. Check the Workshop page for the next courses and use the contact form for information on In-house Trainings and Workshops.

Youtube Tutorials

You want to start making videos right away? provides free tutorials about smarthone filmmaking and mobile video for social media. Feel free to watch th How to Videos on Mobile Movie Making and to subscribe to the Youtube Channel.

The mobile generation & the mobile revolution

Mobile business grows rapidly. Mobile phones have become the most popular device to go online. People all over the world use smartphones to communicate via social media. The mobile generation lives and thinks mobile. They check the news, they create video stories and they communicate with their friends through their mobile device. Visual storytellers better make sure to create outstanding content for  these mobile screens.

The best way to do it is to embrace technology. If people watch videos on their mobile phones, why not create more videos with mobile phones? The newest smartphones like the iphone X, the Samung Galaxy S9 or the Huawei P20 are not only packed with high end processors and high resolution screens: there in built cameras deliver 4K video in a quality that blows your mind away. And there is another big plus: The small camera in your smartphone is the one camera  you always carry around.

Mobile Video and Virtual Reality in journalism & brand storytelling.

Video content is king. It caches our atttention. Facebook and Google rate videos higher than other content.  360 videos that show us Virtual Realities are becoming popular. Facebook bought Oculus in 2014 and the NY Times sent Google Cardboards to its subscribers in October 2015. VR-Devices like Google Cardboard the Samsung Gear VR or Facebook’s Oculus Rift are getting affordable for the mobile generation.  Journalists, visual storytellers and brand strategists have to face these trends. Follow SdunNet on Twitter to keep up with the latest developments in Virtual Reality.

Matthias Sdun